Bearing great rockability |

Bearing great rockability

Andrew Harley
Special to the DailyPaul Galazy and the Galactix play at the Sundance Saloon tonight at 9.

Backed by hundreds of horses, the sound of grease-monky bliss blares at the Sundance Saloon tonight at 9.

A 1950s sound of twanging guitar and booming bass parks in West Vail in the form of Paul Galaxy and the Galactix, a swinging rockabilly outfit from Denver.

The group formed in 1996, and signed with Rollin’ Rock Records in 2001. Paul Galaxy and the Galactix have put out a couple of albums, including “Flamethrower” and “Cross the Line.”

Though modern pop music may have left many listeners to believing that rockabilly begins and ends with the Stray Cats, Galaxy said the music actually goes back to the earliest days of rock ‘n’ roll.

Early rockabilly was short-lived, however, something Galaxy attributes to the original backlash against that greasy-haired musical craziness.

But, rockabilly survived as an underground movement.

Joining Galaxy on stage are upright bassist Chris “Chopper” Cordova and drummer Mike “Mad Dog” Minnick. The band mostly concentrates on original material, with some swing and some vintage surf guitar.

The rockabilly action begins today at 9 p.m. at Sundance Saloon. Grease up, find a hot rod and get ready for a blazing time tonight.

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