Bears spotted around Eagle Ranch, Eagle Villas |

Bears spotted around Eagle Ranch, Eagle Villas

Vail Daily staff report
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado –During the last couple of weeks, the Eagle Police Department has received a number of calls about bears near residential areas, primarily in Eagle Ranch and Eagle Villas Apartments.

Working in partnership with the Colorado Division of Wildlife, the Eagle Police would like to remind everyone to safeguard trash, pet/livestock feeds, and even bird feeders in some cases. Bears that receive these food rewards may become more frequent in the area, can become somewhat aggressive or cause property damage. To protect people and property from problematic bears, the animals may have to be destroyed.

Wild bears have a natural fear of humans and will attempt to avoid people and developed areas when food is not readily available to them. Wild bears rely on natural foods such as berries and fish. If bears have access to human food or garbage, they may abandon their natural diet.

If a black bear is visible, but not close, alter your route so that you move away from its area. If a black bear approaches, do not run. Remain calm, continue facing the bear, make noise, and back away slowly.

Eagle police say there have not been any reports of aggressive bears and there is not reason for alarm. If you are worried about a bear sighting in a residential area you may call police or DOW at 479-2200.

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