Beatlemania Live brings Fab Four to Ocktoberfest |

Beatlemania Live brings Fab Four to Ocktoberfest

Allison Subranni
Beaver Creek, CO Colorado

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado – Four lads from Liverpool will perform in Beaver Creek this afternoon but no, it’s not the Beatles resurrected. But it might be the next best thing.

Beatlemania Live prides themselves on their authenticity. The four men each play a different Beatle – Peter George plays John Lennon, David John plays George Harrison, Robert Ruffing plays Paul McCartney and John Preston plays Ringo.

Preston has been a Beatles fan since before he can remember, and he takes pride in the fact that Beatlemania Live plays the instruments that The Beatles played and the exact way The Beatles played them. The costume changes follow the different eras of The Beatles as well. As for the vocals, well, let’s just say that when you close your eyes you might be taken back to the ’60s.

Vail Daily: So you four are the real deal, with no lip-synching or pre-recorded instruments. What are your live shows like?

John Preston: Well we pride ourselves in doing the music of the Beatles entirely live. There are some acts out there today that are using tracks to cover the most sophisticated parts. Some people are out there lip-synching everything. We do everything live.

We do have a couple sound effects thrown in there, but everything else in there is musical. There are some super high-tech methods that some acts are using today that are fooling the public and they are actually lip synching to live recorded versions of themselves and the audience doesn’t know that they are hearing a recording. So everything we do is live.

VD: Do you guys stay completely in character throughout the whole show? Is it really like watching the Beatles perform?

JP: Absolutely. We pay attention to all of the important details. Our Paul McCartney character plays left handed bass, and our costumes are the same. And we speak in the Liverpool accent, so it’s very much as if it was seeing the Beatles. That’s what we try to do.

VD: Out of your whole crew, who is the most “Beatles-obsessed?”

JP: Well I would say our current John Lennon (Peter George) is very much a Beatles fan because he happens to look like John Lennon for starters. I would say between him and myself you know we have been Beatles fans since the very beginning. We know their music so intimately. I would say that in order to be in a show like this you would have to know a good deal about the Beatles I think.

VD: What has been your greatest experience while performing and touring as such a successful Beatles tribute band?

JP: Well we played the second inauguration for President Bush. We were selected and we played along with the Thomas Dorsey Orchestra at the biggest event for the president. It was such an honor to be selected for that. We did play in the Superdome at Mardi Gras at the largest event they have there for Mardi Gras.

VD: What is it like to play Ringo?

JP: Well, Ringo has been underrated in the eyes of a lot of professional musicians and recorders and such, but Ringo was really the greatest first rock ‘n’ roll drummer. The Beatles are full of energy and it always produces a lot of crowd enthusiasm. Ringo was left-handed but he played right-handed. He had a certain way to play the drums because of that, so in order to look like Ringo you have to do some of those tricks even if it isn’t your own style. Ringo had a few real hits after the Beatles, so I get to share my vocal talent while playing him because he did sing in a few songs.

VD: Do any of you have pending musical projects apart from “Beatlemania Live?”

JP: Well in the past we’ve all been involved in original projects, but we’ve been so busy with our show that we’ve been spending most of our time traveling to shows all over the country and internationally. We have a contract with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines where we do a certain amount of cruises on their large ships. They have very large Cruise ships.

We just performed on Liberty of the Seas that has the largest theatre out there; bigger than those on land sometimes! So because of that we perform on the cruise lines and it’s a lot of fun too. And because we are a concert act we only have to do one main set of shows for the passengers, so at the time when we are on the ship it’s like a vacation for us.

What: BeatleMania performs during Oktoberfest

Where: Beaver Creek Plaza

When: 4:30 p.m. today

Cost: Free

More information: Visit or call 970-845-9090.

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