Beaver Creek: Cheney to testify? |

Beaver Creek: Cheney to testify?

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado ” A federal judge has reinstated a subpoena seeking testimony from former Vice President Dick Cheney in a lawsuit filed by a Colorado man who was arrestedin Beaver Creek, Colorado in 2006.

The judge on Monday overturned a federal magistrate who had denied a motion to subpoena Cheney.

Steven Howards was arrested in June 2006. He says he walked up to Cheney in Beaver Creek and told him his Iraq policy was “disgusting.”

Agents called the incident an assault and a harassment charge was later dropped. Howards filed suit, alleging the arrest was in retaliation for disagreeing with Cheney and a violation of his constitutional rights to free speech and protection from unreasonable search and seizure.

Howards’ attorneys say Cheney could answer several questions about the incident, including whether Howards slapped him on the back or lightly touched his arm.

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