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Beaver Creek elite

Britt Herrington

A quality art gallery is typified by the consistent breadth and depth of its collection. So, when selecting work for the C. Anthony Gallery, gallery director Josephine de Lucinges looks for art that maintains such a level of integrity.

But identifying what makes a particular artist stand out from the crowd can be difficult to put into words. Just what is that je ne sais quoi, that essence that you can’t describe?

As de Lucinges says, “It is something that speaks beyond the composition, beyond the media, beyond the subject.”

While the art at C. Anthony may transcend language, it is never beyond emotion. Those who step into the gallery often have a strong response to the work on display, ranging from joy to silence to even tears.

The essential emotional power of art is what connects the artist to novice viewers and aficionados alike; indeed, the gallery’s philosophy is that one does not have to be an expert to enjoy art. Visitors vary from small children being introduced to art to young couples purchasing their first piece and seasoned buyers looking to expand their collection. For anyone venturing into the gallery, there is something to see.

One such artist with broad appeal is Britten, the gallery’s artist in residence. Her rich palate radiates an elemental energy, whether evoking an ethereal landscape or floral serenity. Britten’s abstract style evidences a profound art consciousness that immediately draws the viewer in. Her work is constantly evolving in unexpected and surprising ways.

Britten’s paintings tend to move with the changing seasons, and the new summer series is entitled “Solstice” in celebration of light and color. Handmade paper and other textile materials add a different dimension to her vibrant oils and other media.

Describing the new works, Britten says, “This new layer creates one more window to crawl through when following the path of light.”

Also showing at C. Anthony this season will be Anton Arkhipov, L.M. Chan and Adam Stewart. Russian artist Arkhipov creates an enchanting world, expressing the idea that to dream is to create a reality. Characters float in the air; cars soar over mountain peaks. Arkhipov’s paintings capture the imagination of infinite possibility. Taiwanese artist L.M. Chan transforms leather into sculptures that express movement and emotion with exceptional realism. Aspens come to life in Stewart’s work. As a native Coloradan, his deep affinity for the state’s beauty reflects in his abstract sculpture and painting, juxtaposing color and texture against the whiteness of the trees.

Together, these artists exhibit a quality of spirit and exuberance that is C. Anthony’s signature. While knowledge often helps to elevate a person’s understanding of art, it is not necessary for a love of art. Great art touches the heart beyond knowledge.

De Lucinges sums it up well: “Art is about passion; it’s a search for the soul.”

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