Beaver Creek may, or may not, get big slide |

Beaver Creek may, or may not, get big slide

BEAVER CREEK – In a summer season in the not too distant future, tourists may ride an alpine slide here. Or not.Whatever happens, Beaver Creek property owners are casting a wary eye on Vail Resorts’ plans. The Beaver Creek Property Owners Association held a meeting recently to talk about what sorts of summer entertainment the resort company may, or may not have in mind.That meeting was closed to the public. Afterward, association board president Tom Schouten wasn’t saying much. He acknowleged that the association heard from John Garnsey, Beaver Creek’s chief operating officer.”We’re going to continue to negotiate with Vail Resorts on this,” Schouten said. “We’re working with them to find an appropriate alternative.”Garnsey was even more circumspect in his comments.”We’re exploring our options,” Garnsey said. “We don’t know today if anything is feasible or not.”On the topic of “negotiating” with property owners, Garnsey said only that there’s nothing to negotiate right now.”We’ll try to let them know what our plans are,” he said. Vail Resorts has an alpine slide at the Breckenridge ski resort. People ride a chairlift to the top of the slide, then ride down on plastic sleds.”There are other things I’m going to look at,” Garnsey said. “We’ve been looking at what’s out there. “There’s nothing decided today,” he added. “But we may do something for the summers.”Staff Writer Scott N. Miller can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 14624, or, Colorado

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