Beaver Creek noisemaker issued summons, but not without a fight |

Beaver Creek noisemaker issued summons, but not without a fight

Dustin Racioppi
Beaver Creek, CO Colorado

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado ” Things only got louder and nastier when deputies responded to a noise complaint at The Tarnes apartment complex in Beaver Creek Nov. 4 when one rowdy mouthpiece answered the door.

After a deputy knocked on the apartment’s door four separate times and ignoring the yells from inside saying “(Expletive) those guys,” a 27-year-old man, who was with several friends, finally opened the door. When the deputy told him he was there to address a noise complaint, the man shut the door in the deputy’s face. A solid boot in the doorway let the deputy in though, and he chased the man into the bathroom and grabbed him by his shirt collar. The man continued to resist and tried shutting the bathroom door on the deputy’s arm, and that’s when a Taser gun was brandished.

The man settled down enough for the deputy to put him in handcuffs and escort him outside while the man screamed for the deputy to ‘(expletive) off’ and ‘(expletive)’ himself. A brief interview outside revealed more of the man’s thoughts on the deputy ” like, that he was a ‘young (expletive) cop’ with a serious sexual condition.

The rest of the guys back in the apartment were more respectful and forthcoming with the deputy. The sheriff’s report said the group had gotten into a small fight earlier with two men and thought they had returned looking for more trouble, which is why nobody initially answered the door.

The group didn’t get into any trouble, while the screaming man was issued with a summons for obstructing a police officer, which, upon receiving, he crumbled up and threw on the ground.

EAGLE ” A little searching on the part of an Eagle County deputy quickly led to an unfortunate situation for one Eagle woman ” her true identity and bad habits were found out.

The deputy picked her up Nov. 4 on the strength of a warrant for criminal impersonation and identity theft. On the way to the sheriff’s office, the deputy learned the 31-year-old woman had a second warrant ” this one for theft ” with the Avon Police Department.

Then, after searching through her purse, the deputy uncovered a prescription for Alprazolam, more commonly known as the anti-depressant Xanax, but the bottle had a different woman’s name on it. According to the woman, she used a fake name to see a doctor at Colorado Mountain Medical because she owed money to the office and they wouldn’t see her under her real name.

Deputies were able to track down the woman whose name was on the prescription bottle, and she said she had no idea who the other woman was.

The other woman was booked on the two warrants, and on top of them, was charged with criminal impersonation and fraud and deceit.

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