Beaver Creek ski theft suspect claims drunkenness |

Beaver Creek ski theft suspect claims drunkenness

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado – Video footage helped return a stolen pair of skis and snowboard to their owners after the theft was reported at Beaver Creek April 2.

In the video, three people – two young males and a female – are seen near the ski rack where the items were stolen. One of the men grabbed a snowboard, hid it in a small tent nearby, then hid it again in another location behind a bench. In separate footage, the other man and woman are seen taking a pair of skis from the rack. Eventually all three walked away together with the items.

Both men were identified as Beaver Creek employees. Police contacted them separately. Both admitted to stealing and returned the items with an apology note. One of the men told officers he was blackout drunk at the time and denied any memory of the event until he was shown the footage of himself.

Police are still trying to identify the female.

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