Beaver Creek’s Hasan jumps from GOP |

Beaver Creek’s Hasan jumps from GOP

NWS Ali Hasan PU 10-25-07

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado – Local politician Ali Hasan calls himself a Muslim cowboy, and from now on will be shooting at his old political party.

Hasan is switching to the Democratic Party, leaving the Republican Party with which he and his family have affiliated most of his life, he announced Thursday. Hasan founded Muslims for Bush and twice ran unsuccessfully for political office as a Republican – once for the Colorado State House of Representatives, and last summer for the Republican nomination for state treasurer.

A meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally convinced him, he said.

“I have three top political heroes: Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and now Nancy Pelosi,” he told the Colorado Independent. “She has such a spine, like Reagan and Bush, they all have that in common: a spine of steel that comes from conviction.”

Hasan has openly advocated for a controversial plan for a mosque near Ground Zero in New York. He has called himself a fiscal conservative who says there are four sacred texts in the Hasan household: The Torah, the Koran, the Bible and Colorado’s TABOR Amendment.

Hasan barely lost that 2008 statehouse bid to Christine Scanlan, a Summit County Democrat who had served on that county’s school board. It was one of a clean sweep by Democrats as Obama fever swept the state.

Hasan needed 30 percent of Republican delegates to last summer’s GOP state convention to make the primary ballot. He was short with 20 percent, and afterward his family blamed anti-Muslim sentiment.

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