Beaver Creek’s new Candy Cabin offers sweet treats, fond memories |

Beaver Creek’s new Candy Cabin offers sweet treats, fond memories

Page McClean
Daily Correspondent
The Candy Cabin sits at the top of Beaver Creek's Strawberry Park, offering old-fashioned candies for kids and adults.
Tom Cohen | Beaver Creek |

BEAVER CREEK — Gone are the days of trying to gnaw on that frozen Snickers bar stored in the pocket of your ski jacket — at least at Beaver Creek. Located at the top of Strawberry Park and Upper Beaver Creek express lifts, the Candy Cabin has a wide variety of candies and sweet treats to update your daily sugar fix.

“Beaver Creek’s new Candy Cabin adds whimsy to the top of the mountain. Everybody feels like a kid in a candy store, which blends seamlessly with our family-friendly resort,” said Beaver Creek’s Food & Beverage Director Eric Pottorff.

General Manager Nina Hinnendael has created a warm and cozy space that draws people in from the cold. There’s a cuckoo clock on the wall that goes off every half-hour, which is an event unto itself. Behind the counter is her rotating collection of stuffed animals. Every teddy bear in the glass cabinet has a story behind it, which she is delighted to share with her customers.

“The Candy Cabin triggers fond memories for guests and I find that very special. That’s what I love most about it,” she said.

Whether you’re old school or new, the Candy Cabin has something for every sweet tooth. Traditional saltwater taffy nearly overflows from giant wooden barrels. On the other end of the sugar spectrum, neon-colored “Toxic Waste” candy sits in a basket, daring you to try it. From candy buttons to Squirrel Nut Zippers, there’s a wide range of sweets.


Serious chocoholics will rejoice at the selections from Colorado Candy Company. Fifth generation candy maker Michael Mootz Jr. started the business in Eagle-Vail a few years ago. Colorado Candy focuses on high-quality, wax-free chocolate. The smooth, soft taste and consistency on the palate will appeal to all taste buds. The Candy Cabin exclusively presents Michael Mootz Jr.’s chocolate snowmen, ski boots, snowflakes and Beaver Creek bars in gold boxes. If you’re interested in the large chocolate bars, then make sure to bring a backpack to carry the goods down the hill since they are too large to fit in a pocket.

The Candy Cabin has a constant flow of customers throughout the day. Ski and snowboard instructors stop in with their students. Nordic skiers and snowshoers fuel up for their day at McCoy Park. Depending on the weather, they can either warm up inside or bask in the sun at the outdoor picnic tables. Best of all, everyone has a smile on their face — even at the register.

For first-time customer Jacob Levenfeld, the reasonable prices made his orange taffy taste that much sweeter.

“I will definitely be back,” he said.

Just like any other place on the mountain, the Candy Cabin accepts cash, credit cards and resort charge. If you end up getting carried away, fear not; patrol is right next door to help you with that sugar overdose.

The Candy Cabin is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily at the top of Strawberry Park Express Lift and Upper Beaver Creek Express Lift on Beaver Creek Resort.

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