Beaver Creek’s own "big fat Greek wedding" approaches |

Beaver Creek’s own "big fat Greek wedding" approaches

by Andy Stonehouse Special to the Daily
Pamela and Bessie Antoniou will be the star attractions at an elaborate double wedding to be held in Beaver Creek Aug. 31.

A St. Louis family is planning to turn Beaver Creek into a real-life version of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” with a massive double wedding, Aug. 31.

Bessie and Pamela Antoniou, 30-year-old twin sisters, will be joined by several hundred guests from across the country – and one very special church official – for a traditional Greek wedding that promises to be one of the biggest in county history.

Bessie, a Denver-based manager with the Colorado state pension fund, will be marrying Milwaukee native Donald Conty, a recent law school graduate. Pamela is an attorney in St. Louis and will be marrying Mark Brennan, a high tech worker.

Nickoletta Antoniou, the twins’ mother, says the family has had a long connection with Colorado and hopes that Beaver Creek will serve as an appropriate setting for the ceremony. Not to mention one hell of a party to follow, with approximately 200 guests flying in for the big day.

“All of our family lives in Colorado – my sister lives in Colorado Springs and my brother lives in Boulder – and all four of my kids went to the University of Colorado S so we thought this would make a nice destination wedding,” Antoniou says. “My brother also has a couple of places in Vail and we decided on Beaver Creek.”

Antoniou says she fell in love with the Beaver Creek Chapel on a recent wedding-planning visit to the resort and explains that the chapel will host the traditional Greek ceremony. As an added bonus, she’s pulled a few connections and will have Archbishop Tarasios, leader of the Greek Orthodox Church of South America, traveling all the way from Buenos Aries, Argentina, to attend the festivities. Antoniou has also arranged for a priest from Raleigh, N.C., to officiate at the ceremony.

The post-wedding reception will hit the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek’s Vue Bar; Antoniou says a private reception will be held at a property on Borders Road, featuring a lamb on a spit and much of the color associated with a big Greek wedding.

“I’m not sure if we’ll be doing all the same things you saw in the movie, but it promises to be a good time,” says Antoniou.

Local caterers and a virtual army of limousine drivers are preparing for the onslaught of guests. For 19 years, Antoniou operated a restaurant called the Greek Gourmet in Creve Coeur, a St. Louis suburb. She says she’s opted to call in some extra help to take care of the guests.

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