Because it’s your people that matter most |

Because it’s your people that matter most

Rick Smith

Business: Smith Advisors.Date Opened: Oct. 2.Owner: Rick Smith.Contact information:748-0855, e-mail,

We are a human-resource-services company. In the industry, it is referred to as human resources outsourcing. Human resources is a critical component of any business, no matter how small. The human-resources-outsourcing industry has tripled in the last four years.

We are able to design and offer small- to medium-size companies, large-company health, dental and vision plans and affordable payroll processing, as well as the ability to handle their workers compensation administration. I know of no other human-resources-services firm that can offer that in the area.With more than 50 years of combined human-resources experience we can also design and offer unique solutions and programs to companys day-to-day personnel issues and challenges and bundle all this under one company.Working as the vice president of human resources for Vail Resorts, along with my colleagues who also work for Vail Resorts, we are intimately aware of the human-resources challenges that companies face on a daily basis in terms of hiring, retaining and motivating their work force.

Our philosophy: We manage human-resource issues so business owners can focus all their energies on running and growing their core business. They can expect state-of-the-art systems in terms of the delivery of our services and products, new and innovative ways to handle their personnel challenges and to save money and time by no longer managing and worrying about personnel issues.

Human-resources vice president for Vail Resorts for the past eight years. Prior to that, I was the vice president of human resounces for Gerry Baby Products in Denver. Prior to that I was in human resources for companies such as The Pillsbury Co. and Frito Lay. Ive been in human resources for the past 25 years. Masters degree in labor and industrial relations from the University of Illinois. Bachelors degree in business from Regis College in Denver. My focus in human resources over the past 15 years has been in developing company culture where employees feel empowered and understand the companys vision and values, ensuring that the work force feels part of a bigger team. Building and developing human resource departments that support that culture, that develop a personal connection with employees, a focus not only on human-resources systems and programs, but more importantly on developing relationships where employees look at their human resources department as something that can help them grow and develop. Another focus has been on developing and coaching leaders to improve their performance that reinforces the culture. When I first came to Vail Resorts, the ski instructors were ready to join a union. Vail Resorts had recently purchased Keystone and Breckenridge and became a public company. Employees thought their company didnt care about them and was more concerned about being a public company. One of the challenges Andy Daly gave me was to turn around the culture and to demonstrate that while the company was certainly going through major growing pains, it could still be a company that cared for its employees, delivered world-class guest service and had the best leaders in the industry. I think we did that as evidenced by the outstanding financial results and the ski-area rankings.Vail, Colorado

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