Behind closed doors: the bacholorette party revealed |

Behind closed doors: the bacholorette party revealed

Kent Roberg

Vail is one of the most beautiful locations for a wedding and the nightlife beyond compare. It makes sense that couples getting married in the Vail Valley would also want to plan all the associated wedding events in this pristine setting.

The bacholorette party is often referred to as the last night out and can damage reputations and bring friends closer together. A celebration marking the passage from single life into the fidelity and commitment of marriage, bachelorette parties can range from the quiet and casual to the rowdy and obscene depending on the mind-set of those organizing the party.

Brides and their close friends often have differing opinions on the general attitude of the bachelorette. Always remember to keep in mind the personalities and financial range of those attending the party. Whether you are looking for a conservative, quiet time or a college style rager, the Vail Valley will exceed your expectations.

One easy and stress free idea for planning a complete bachelorette party is the point of contact service offered by the Sanctuary and Tap Room located in the Vail Village. The new service offers a single party planning contact without the hassles of keeping track of a million deadlines and details in the midst of the pre wedding turmoil.

They will outfit the bride to be from head to toe with all of the traditional novelty items, arrange for dancers and seclude the party in one of two private V.I.P rooms – the only private rooms available for rent in clubs in the village. Guests can move from the private room to the dance floor or bar and return to the private party throughout the night. Transportation can be arranged to and from local hotels. Drinks, appetizers, even a pub crawl type scavenger hunt on Bridge Street can be arranged. “Tell us what you want and we’ll plan it” said Special Events Manager Kelley Lampani.

Parties can be arranged on a mere two days notice which makes this a great last minute option. Another feature of the private rooms at the Sanctuary is the two way mirror. That means you and all your friends can check out the scene in the club without having to worry about anything. To set up your private party at Sanctuary/ Tap Room contact Kelley Lampani today. Remember: “What happens in Vail stays in Vail”, so book your bachelorette party today.

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