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Being a girl in a ‘boy’s town’

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by Crystal ClearWalking into a Vail bar on a Saturday night you might think that you’ve been transported to West Hollywood (a.k.a. Boys Town, known for its abundance of homosexual men) where the majority of the bars, like in Vail, are filled with males.But as a woman you quickly realize the difference between the bars in “Boys Town” and those of Vail. Vail’s male-saturated bars are filled with primarily HETEROSEXUAL men that have all realized that the competition for the attention of the few girls who are present is stiff. Unfortunately, the fact that there is one girl for every seven guys in the bar forces some of them to up the ante and shamelessly make fools of themselves as they do everything in their power to get the attention of a girl. Standing back and watching men you don’t know boldly try to put the moves on a girl is painful, but it’s almost unbearable to watch one of your friends have to resort to this pathetic behavior.So, to all you guys: Here are a few tips that may increase your success rate with us girls.Tip No.1 : Remember that you’re probably not the first guy to hit on her that nightLeave your B game at home. This isn’t Spring Break 2003 in South Padre Island where everyone gets laid. To be successful with girls in Vail it would be a good idea to shower, shave and think about ditching the baseball cap you’ve been wearing since high school.Tip No.2 : Slurring words isn’t a turn-on.Please, do you really think that it’s attractive when you’re so drunk that you’re slurring your words, continually repeating yourself and not able to remember our names? Although we girls may seem cuter with the more drinks you consume, you don’t. Know when to say when and you may actually get lucky.Tip No.3 : We don’t care how many cliffs you’ve jumped.Although you may be as sweet in the air as Chris Anthony, we don’t need to hear about it at the bars. Save that talk for your guy friends who can one-up you with their big air story and choose a topic that is mutually interesting to both of us. Madonna? Our new pair of Manolo Blahniks?Tip No.4 : It’s a sheer numbers game.It’s quite simple. Everyone in sales knows that your odds of success increase with the number of times you try. If you’re not having any success – try, try again. The more girls you talk to the better your chances of landing one of them.And if all else failshead to Denver where the ratio of men to women is a bit more in your favor.Crystal Clear can be reached at

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