Bejeweled by summer |

Bejeweled by summer

Lexi O'Neill
Vail, CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyJoe's Jeans "Muse" high-waist stretch jeans.

” Big Shades: Jackie O. glasses are back. If you’re a pack rat, like many of us, you may be lucky enough to unearth a circa 1970s pair of shades. Otherwise, big frames can be found by many designers this season and are sold at local locations such as Vail Vision (Edwards/ West Vail).

” Fresh Flowers: A great hair accessory for this summer season can easily be inspired by your own garden. Take advantage of the abundance of wildflowers and use them. Pick a few flowers and pin them into your do with a few bobby pins.

” Head Scarves: They’re easy to find. You, or an older aunt, might even have a few hiding in the depths of the closet. They also come in a variation of prints and colors. They’ll tame an unruly hairdo, and they’re great for the pool, too.

” High-waist jeans: Celebs such as Mischa Barton are setting the trends in reverse; the ’70s are seeing a revival with the recent popularity of high-waist jeans. Some will sigh with relief at the disappearance of butt cracks and thong strings peeking over the waist line, others will feel exasperated having finally updated their closet. Yes, it’s true ” the summer’s trendiest look is high-waist jeans.

” Cotton, Cotton, Cotton: As the summer temperatures swelter into the 90s, your clothes are only going to get stickier. Avoid clingy fabrics in unflattering places by wearing cotton fabrics in vibrant colors.

” White pants: If you don’t already have a great pair of white pants, invest in a pair that flatters your shape. Try searching at Blitz (Vail and Edwards), or Roxy (Beaver Creek and Vail) for the hottest fashions. A white dress is also versatile enough to wear at any occasion.

” Hair au natural: Wavy, loose, dare I say mess hair is finally in style. Take advantage of the laid back Vail Valley and let your locks fly free. The worst sin of summer is, after all, to be overdone. The best product for stress-free tresses is a scrunching gel which you can apply after swimming at the pool or taking a shower. Simply scrunch, shake and you’re ready to rock.

” Go hippy with gauzy linen: Embrace your inner bohemian with a linen outfit. The best thing about these fabrics are that they look great wrinkled, so feel free to pack your linen outfit into a sack and take a road trip with your friends.

” Get wild with a cowboy hat: Wide brimmed hats are always essential to keeping the sun rays off of your face. On top of keeping wrinkles at bay, cowboy hats up your style ante by at least 10 points. Take advantage of our wild and rowdy mountain style and sport a cowboy hat.

” Bejeweled: Whether they’re sparkling from your fingers or dazzling on your sandals, jewels are hot this summer. Costume jewels, the bigger the better, are a great way to give your look a playful style. Just don’t go overboard or you’ll look like you got dressed in the dark.

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