Believe in a free market for beer in Vail Valley |

Believe in a free market for beer in Vail Valley

Lloyd Skougor
Vail, CO, Colorado

Re: “Against strong beer sales at chain grocery stores.” I read Tom Mullen’s Jan. 4 letter with interest but cannot support his argument, which lacked any valid points that would justify the continued monopoly that has allowed the usurious retail pricing and high margin gouging of the area’s consumers.

As we have learned and continue to endure in our gasoline supply in the Vail area, the absence of a truly competitive market place has allowed retailers to price their products at rates that are far, far out of the realm of reasonableness, because the market has allowed it.

When one compares West Vail Liquor Mart’s pricing to any Denver area retailer’s, the evidence is clear and any argument supporting higher operating costs here is without merit, including labor rates here that are far below the Denver labor market.

His initiatives in assisting his labor with housing is laudable, though unnecessary, in the view of this writer, as other employees do not have such a luxury.To allow chain retailers to sell “strong beer” is to open the marketplace to free market competition, which is not only healthy but also likely to produce much more realistic costs to Vail area consumers and would force this retailer to compete in a much more practical way, rather than to continue with “whatever the market will bear” without competition.

I say, thank you, Mr. Mullen, for offering your products, but please get competitive in the true interest of providing them to the local consumer.

Bring on the chain store sales of “strong beer.”

Lloyd Skougor


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