Benderz Burgers in Avon serves best burger off I-70 |

Benderz Burgers in Avon serves best burger off I-70

Bacon avocado double cheeseburger on a homemade bun with all the fixings, garlic truffle fries and a cold beer.
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Editor’s note: This article was previously published as a paid feature in EAT, a compendium of restaurant snapshots featuring the best in Vail Valley dining. Look for it on newsstands everywhere.

Your choices begin as soon as you walk through the door. Before you are two restaurant options: There’s Northside Kitchen on the left, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner every day (see story on adjacent page). And to the right is Benderz Burgers, which, according to Denver’s Westword Magazine, serves the top burger on I-70.

Benderz may be a traditional burger bar, but that’s pretty much where tradition stops. Offering gourmet build-your-own burgers and sandwiches, the combinations of mouth-watering eats are endless. Each burger is six ounces of 100-percent fresh and never frozen Certified Angus Beef, and come in single, double and triple options. The hand-formed patties are cooked to temperature with an abundance of topper choices, such as bacon, mushrooms, grilled onions, bleu cheese and creamy thousand island dressing. There’s also a few unconventional toppings such as fried egg…if you’ve never tried it, do!

If you’re really hungry, try the Philly Cheesesteak. They make ‘em with thinly sliced prime rib and everything else you’d expect on this monster meal.

But don’t miss out on the Skinny Benderz. The BBQ Tuna includes a seared ahi tuna filet, citrus cole slaw and barbecue sauce on a homemade bun. As for the Chicken Pesto, melted provolone and herbaceous pesto give the griddled chicken breast a bit of va-va-voom. It’s so nice when being virtuous coincides with flavorful satisfaction.

On the Side

And what would a burger be without a sidekick of fries? Hungry diners have a selection of crispy ride-alongs, from Cajun waffle fries, sweet potato fries and garlic fries to fried green beans and onion rings.

Some may want to polish off this all-American meal with one of a dozen famous flavors of Anne and Mann’s all-natural, homemade ice cream & shakes. Others may choose to take advantage of the popular option to upgrade to one of the 10 beers on tap at $4 a pint. Either way it’s a guaranteed win. Be sure to look for specials and perks posted in the Vail Daily for more Benderz secrets and restaurant happenings. You never know what kind of crazy specials Noah Bender and the Benderz team will come up with.

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