Benefits of joining Vail Chamber |

Benefits of joining Vail Chamber

Lourdes FerzaccaVail Chamber & Business Association

The Vail Chamber & Business Association has sent out its first mailing for the 2007-08 membership year.For existing members, we look forward to working with you in the coming year. For businesses considering membership with the chamber, we urge you to weigh the benefits of belonging to our organization. Business owners join chambers of commerce for several reasons. Historically, traders formed protective communities against pillaging enemies, unfair trade practices, and later, to influence legislation. Business owners still join chambers for these needs today, albeit under different terminology.Traders are now known as owners and employees, and instead of pillaging goods, businesses now compete with one another by stealing customers. Today there are more than 13,000 chambers of commerce registered in the Official Worldchambers Network Registry, with some organizations boasting more than 300,000 members. Obviously, chambers around the world are doing something right.Different regions also have distinct reasons to join their local chamber. Businesses in metropolitan areas may join to be a part of a smaller network in a maze of shops, restaurants and other services. Merchants in rural areas will join to ensure that their chamber supports local and small businesses and focuses on retaining business due to ever-changing consumer climates.Business in Vail is a curious mix of both of these factors, as living and working in the valley contains cosmopolitan as well as rural aspects. The quality of our restaurants and shops are at once world-renowned and high-end, and yet our setting deep in the Rockies provides a cutoff from separate, more traditional markets. In other words, we work harder to stay in business because of the amount of diversity and quality in a somewhat removed setting.We have extolled our chambers virtues before in this column, but never has it been more important than for this new membership year. Though nowhere in the same strata as 300,000 members, with business burgeoning in town, belonging to an organization that supports you and your business pursuits will be extremely advantageous to you. We promise to work with you to give referrals, recommendations and communicate pressing town matters to you. There is nothing more important to us than boosting the local economy, particularly in times of difficulty. Equally important is bringing you information that affects your business; we promise to be your voice when you are unable to represent your best interests. On the topic of representation, it is also important to remember that your participation and support in chamber events is not only beneficial to us, but beneficial to you. With your membership, we will always encourage you to take advantage of participating in the many events we sponsor, but we also will encourage you to always communicate with us regarding your town, business and membership questions and concerns. In this mutually beneficial relationship, your and your business will never lose.As we approach the start of our membership year, we urge you to explore the many benefits we are able to provide for both you and your business. In addition to the merchant ski pass, we offer a plethora of opportunities ranging from marketing opportunities, discount programs and personalized business services as well as educational seminars and information updates.After several mergers, consolidations and restructuring, the Vail Chamber & Business Association is celebrating its 18th year. It has been a long and evolving process with the goal of increasing our visibility and better serving the needs of the business community. With your continued support and input, we look forward to continuing this process and developing our presence in our communities.

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