Bermuda Triangle cocktail at La Tour gives a taste of the tropics |

Bermuda Triangle cocktail at La Tour gives a taste of the tropics

Find handcrafted and creative drinks at La Tour in Vail Village

With the warmer temperatures, it’s feeling a little tropical out there lately. Or, at least it’s making you think of a beach getaway. But if a trip south is not in your future, stop by La Tour and have a Bermuda Triangle, a banana-infused handcrafted drink which is a variation of an old fashioned.

First of all, how do you get the banana flavoring? Muddle a banana itself up and put it in a shaker and you end up with a goopy mess, but if you infuse liquor with banana chips, it gives you the desired flavor and aromas you’re looking for.

“Excluding bitters and garnish, the cocktail utilizes just three ingredients. The rum itself has delicious banana-like flavors and aromas, so the addition of banana chips highlights this fact,” said Kai Guerin, mixologist at La Tour.

In addition to the rum, Guerin has a few other interesting ingredients. Averna, which is a popular Italian Amaro, an herbal digestif, a house-made chai spiced simple syrup and a banana liquor from Giffard that is sprayed into the cocktail just before serving.  

“We utilize spritzes in a bunch of our cocktails. We use it with intensely aromatic ingredients that would otherwise overpower a drink if they were measured and combined with the other components,” Guerin said. “Spraying out an ingredient activates the aromatics much more intensely than a simple dash from a shaker bottle.” 

Guerin commented that rum is rarely sipped on the rocks, especially up here in the mountains. “But when you get a really solid product that tastes great on its own, I love mixing it into a delicious drink that expands peoples boundaries of what a boozy, stirred cocktail can be,” he said.

Bermuda Triangle recipe

2.25 ounces of banana chip infused Bacardi 8 year Rum (Infuse with about 20 chips per bottle soaked overnight. Banana chips from the grocery store are perfect no need to make them yourself)

.25 ounce Chai spiced simple syrup. (Equal parts brewed chai tea and sugar)

.25 ounce Averna Amaro

2 drops Bittermans Xocolatl Mole Bitters

Stir with ice and strain into an old fashioned glass with one large cube of ice. Place two more drops of mole bitters on the ice cube and spritz the drink four times with an atomizer filled with Giffard Banana Liqueur. Garnish with a banana chip.

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