Best Apres Scene in Beaver Creek |

Best Apres Scene in Beaver Creek

Photo by Jessa Buchalter

Coyote Cafe


Beaver Creek Chophouse

Some people call it the Coyote Cafe, others just refer to it as the unofficial employee lounge. Every day, the place is filled with locals ” mostly mountain employees. “The patrolmen are here every day,” said Buzz, long-time manager. “When they get off the mountain they come in and keep the Coyote safe.” Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night, the ‘Yote’s apres scene seemed to explode when it became a non-smoking joint. “It’s always consistent, with good, high energy. But when the non-smoking thing came about we really started getting a lot of families. It’s not intimidating to anyone, young, old, parents, kids, ski bums or tourists.” The Beaverita is the drink of choice; think margarita and make it big. And old-school Jaeger has made a comeback as the shot of choice, edging out Grand Marnier as top dog.

Located right at the base of Centennial Chairlift, McCoy’s has music and drinks for a fun-loving crew. Long-time performer Shannon Tanner plays the guitar and sprinkles trivia questions (with applicable prizes) throughout the show. You can even hear the music from the outside patio of the Beaver Creek Chophouse, which serves lunch and dinner. There’s nothing like kicking back when the days begin to lengthen and catching all the rays you can at 8,000-plus feet. Otherwise, the dining room is big enough for bad-weather days.

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