Best apres scene in Vail |

Best apres scene in Vail

EAT Red Lion TS 12-08-07

The Red Lion

The Club

Los Amigos

Phil Long has a front-row seat for the Vail apres-ski scene. The musician and owner of The Red Lion on Bridge Street has watched kids grow up into parents over the years they’ve been vacationing in Vail. “It’s interesting how the local community has begun to really intersect with the tourists,” he said. “In the old days it wasn’t like that. Now, they enjoy seeing each other.” And everybody enjoys hearing Long, who must know a good 90 percent of all existing songs, everywhere, and is willing to fake the lyrics for the other 10. He’s pure entertainment when he’s on stage, encouraging people to forget their inhibitions and sing right along. Most of them do.

The Club’s apres scene is as much about tequila as it is about Steve Meyer the “Good Times Man.” The show is 100 percent agave, and there’s no such thing as a low-key evening. Across the way at Los Amigos the tales of a day spent playing in snow abound. The only thing better than the enchiladas at Los Amigos are the margaritas, which come by the glass or (the preferred quanity) liter. Treat yourself to a top-shelf quaff and start telling stories.

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