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Best Asian Restaurant

Jessa BuchalterSushi at Masato's in Avon.

Masato’s Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar


May Palace

Dinner is rarely just about the food. There’s the ambiance, the service, the energy ” and if you’re eating at Masato’s in Avon, there’s the concept of learning a little about Japanese cuisine. “Just enjoying the taste of something is half of the experience,” said chef-owner Masato Okamoto. “When I go out to eat, I want to learn a little bit about another culture’s food.” The sushi chef deftly wields his knives, serving up clean and marvelous traditional sushi. He’s not afraid to tweak things to make them taste better, but he carefully thinks through any changes. He’s also frequently introducing the foods he ate while growing up in Japan, like sake-marinated salmon or miso-glazed cod. These aren’t new foods, but they’re new to Americans. “I like to introduce something new to people,” he said. “It’s a big responsibility to show you guys what’s authentic!”

Sato in Edwards has a big local following. The restaurant has a large selection of cooked entrees, including spicy beef stir fry and frisky po’boy sandwiches, but the sushi is the main event. The spicy ahi tuna salad, served with wonton crisps and a red chili oil, is a staff favorite. Since Rick Woo bought May Palace from his brother, he’s introduced more Asian specialties to the West Vail restaurant. Thai basil chicken and beef or chicken satay are new and popular items.

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