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Best Baked Goods

Laura A. Ball/Vail DailyColumbine Bakery in Avon has been making fresh pastries, cakes and cookies in the Vail Valley for 17 years. They're famed for their tangy lemon zucchini cookies, fresh fruit torte and super soft cake-like rolls.

Columbine Bakery

Bon Jour Bakery


Whether you go for the mouth-watering lemon zucchini cookies, the amazing fruit torte or fresh-baked rolls, you can expect the same sweet delight today as you could the day they opened 17 years ago.

The tiny European-style cafe oozes with comfort and quality pastry to all who enter.

“All of our pastries are made fresh here every day. I have a great local following,” said owner Ronda Daniel Niederhauser.

Vail Colorado

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