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Best Bar Menu

Preston UtleyMain Street Grill in Edwards has an excellent bar menu, including fish tacos and three kinds of wings.

Main Street Grill

Terra Bistro

The Red Lion

Main Street Grill is a bar and a restaurant, but the bar isn’t limited to a liquid diet. The bar menu is filled with winners carefully honed over the years by owner Chris and Nikki Heiden. “People love our fish tacos,” said Chris. “They’re made with blackened catfish, fresh pico and a spicy remoulade. They’ve got alittle kick but not too much.” The sirloin burgers are popular, mostly for what you can put on them. “Anything we’ve got in the kitchen can go on a burger ” cheese, bacon, jalapeno, sauteed onions sauteed mushroom, blue cheese, swiss cheese- there’s a lot of options.” Po’ boys, wings and buffalo chicken salad are all favorites too.

Terra Bistro’s bar is an upscale affair. The cocktails are special and the apps come straight off the dinner menu. Chef Kevin Nelson’s penchant for organic ingredients serves diners well. Stop by for Appy Hour between 4:30 and 5:30. At The Red Lion, the bar menu is one delirious list of fried goodies. The one-inch-thick onion rings are a staff favorite, and even if you think you want to abstain you’ll soon change your mind. Wash them down with a Colorado brew, and all is right with the world.

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