Best Bathroom Fixtures |

Best Bathroom Fixtures

Photo by Jessa Buchalter

Ace Hardware

Habitat Outlet

Home Depot

Life without a bathroom would stink. Ace Hardware might not be the biggest game in town, but its customer service can’t be beat. We have a lot more of the little things that people look for when they’re working on plumbing jobs, like o-rings. The kind of stuff that helps everything else run smoothly,” explained Russ Allred, manager of plumbing and electronics at the West Vail store. He’s been there for six years, and doesn’t plan on leaving soon. “I like helping customers “and how they make me feel like a genius,” he said. “Most people aren’t really sure about what they want when they come in here, so they’re amazed when I do.”

The Habitat for Humanity Outlet in Gypsum is a veritable warehouse of goodies. Remodels are even more common than new builds in the valley, and more often than not the rather high-end castoffs are donated to the charitable organization. Proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity, which helps people work for, build and buy a home of their own. But for pure variety, it’s hard to beat Home Depot. With more faucets per square inch than any other game in town, the big box store carries items from high-end to low.

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