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Best Baubles and Bling

Jessa BuchalterJewelry from Currents Jewelry.



Golden Bear

Bling might be flash, but it’s no flash in the pan. At Currents, owners Rob and Barbara DeLuca has cultivated relationships that are two-generations strong. The watch and jewelry store has a fine selection of rubies, emeralds and diamonds. “Barbara is the prime person behind the in-house designs under our exclusive B. DeLuca brand,” said Rob. “She creates the design and our master bench jeweler, Frank Cristando, builds it.” She’s also good at re-creating pieces ” family jewels are often worn more if they’re re-set to match the personality and lifestyle of the newest owners. Rob believes the operation works because of his staff. “We have some extraoridnarily educated people to guide customers in the intricacises of gems, jewelry and watches.”

Roxy might be known for clothes, but check out the check-out counter and you’ll see some glitzy, glammy bling. It’s all in pure fun, and doesn’t require a loan to purchase. The idea is to buy items that fit your mood for the season, then not feel guilty by retiring them when you change your mood. The sales staff at Golden Bear is good at keeping tabs on trends, while still offering the kinds of jewelry that never goes out of style. The baby, mama and daddy bear pendants will always be associated with Vail.

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