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Best Beaver Creek Art Gallery

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C. Anthony

Beaver Creek Fine Art

If you don’t consider glass an art form, you haven’t been to PISMO. The gallery is filled floor to ceiling with artisan glass creations, from delicate sculptures and whimsical wall hangings to dangling chandeliers and other functional creations. They’re long been purveyors of Dale Chihuly’s work, which has been steadily picking up speed the world over. They’re currently hosting a Chihuly show, which means the entire space has been transformed, filled with the artist’s works. It’s a coup for the gallery. ” He’s really not doing too many gallery shows anymore,” said Nicole Trevino, gallery director. “He’s focusing on museums and indoor/outdoor installations, such as at botanical gardens.” The show runs through the end of February.

C. Anthony has had such a following, they had to bust into the space across the way. The gallery keeps a core group of artists, from the romantic Pino to the surreal and fine Goldfinger. Leather sculptures, pop art and life-sized canvases are all part of the scene. Tucked away beneath the stairs, Beaver Creek Fine Art Gallery is surprisingly large once you go through the door. One room leads to another. Don’t miss their fine collection of Russian Impressionists. If you thought there’s nothing new under the sun, you were wrong.

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