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Preston UtleyGore Range Brewery serves beer brewed by Jeremy Pluck.

Gore Range Brewery

The Red Lion

Mango’s Mountain Grill

Nowhere but at Gore Range Brewery can you follow Great Sex Honey Ale with Powder Day Pale Ale. The Edwards brewpub is the only local brewery. In addition to his regular menu of favorites, brewmaster Jeremy Pluck always has a seasonal beer or two in the hopper. Join the mug club for beer discounts all year long, or try the sampler (a small pour of each) to hone in on your favorite quaff.

The Red Lion is a friend to Colorado brewers. O’dells 90 Shilling Ale, Breckenridge Brewery’s Avalanche Ale, New Belgium’s Sunshine Wheat and Fat Tire, Tommyknocker’s Maplenut Brown, and even the ubiquitous Coors Light are all brewed right in the state. So feel good about supporting the locals. Mango’s Mountain Grill owner Eric Cregon clearly has good taste in beer.

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