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AE Bookworm1 SM 12-19-07

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Bookworm of Edwards

Public libraries

The Bookworm of Edwards has no official book club, but they keep tabs on 80 of them. Owners Nicole Magistro and Kristi Allio have set up a system so locals participating in book clubs not only get a discount on the book they’re discussing, but it’s also in stock. The bookstore is clearly more than just a seller of books. “I think our role is shifting in the community since we’ve moved,” said Magistro. “We try to foster a community space. A lot of groups in the community who are looking for a comfortable place to go. And we are really glad people are embracing that, That was our goal, our high hope.” The Riverwalk bookstore has seen all kinds of groups, from people wanting to practice their French to others just wanting a place for stimulating conversation.

It’s simply a fact: public libraries are wonderlands of treasures. Whether they’re on the reference desk or in the children’s area, the librarians of Eagle County are marvelous people with noble desires. They want you to read, to learn, to grow. If you’re looking for a book that’s not on the shelf, they’ll help you find it elsewhere. They’ll put you on a waiting list if it’s a popular book with a line, and then call you when it’s ready. They’ll make recommendations, and they care if you ended up liking them. All in all, anyone who checks out books in the Eagle Valley Library District is part of a very lucky book club. Anyone who doesn’t utilize it is crazy. Just make sure to care for the books, because a librarian’s frown can mute your words.

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