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Best Bread

Jessa BuchalterBread selection from Bonjour Bakery in Edwards.

Bonjour Bakery

Avon Bakery and Deli


Michel Battagnan has been baking up bread and pastries for his Bonjour Bakery (in both Edwards and Eagle) for 13 years. He’s not a fan of measuring. “I go by the feeling,” he said. “If the day is cold it’s different, if it’s raining it’s different, if it’s dry it’s different. The weather affects the dough more than anything.” His most popular item is the Italian-style paysan, though he makes sourdough, rye and whole wheat, too. Taste a croissant and you’re done for. The French baker still loves his job. “It’s a warm thing, being along in the nighttime baking the bread. I still love it.”

Avon Bakery and Deli isn’t just a storefront. The bakery’s bread can be found in bread baskets across the county. With a steady stream of loaves and bagels exiting the ovens, look for the daily bread specials. Mondays are great, because that means miche ” a three-day bread that’ll hook you at first bite. ZaccaZa! in Traer Creek starts everything from scratch, including the artisan pizza crusts. Whether it’s the skinny Napolitano crust, which stretches out and lies flat in the fiercely hot oven (try the del calfone), or the deep dish Chicago-style pie, enriched with olive oil and protected by a layer of cheese, the crust is a must.

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