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Best Business Lunch

Preston UtleyLa Bottega in Vail.

La Bottega

Sweet Basil


La Bottega used to be all about good food and good location. Now it’s about good food, good location and stellar ambiance. The Italian restaurant has just come through a remodel looking like a Tuscan farmhouse. Solid wood tables, creamy walls and a wood-fired pizza oven front and center conspire to make it a comfortable, authentic-feeling space. So if you have to talk business in this Happy Valley, Bottega’s the place to do it. But make sure you do it over the soup of the day (farmhouse vegetable if you’re lucky) and a cheesesteak or chicken cheesesteak sandwich.

Also fresh from a remodel, Sweet Basil has a sweet view. Whether it’s the interior (dry stack walls and well appointed art) or exterior (Gore Creek rushing by a rocky lawn), it’s just plain nice to be looking around. Executive chef Paul Anders’ cuisine steals the show. For a couple of very sad years, the Alpenrose closed. But it’s back, and still serving the same European comfort food it’s always been known for. A bakery and a restaurant are a winning combination, and if you stop by Alpenrose, you’ll see they have both parts.

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