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New Dimension Cleaning


According to Lars Hutchinson, who owns New Dimension Cleaning with his brother, Sven, paying to have your carpets cleaned is one step above root canals on the enjoyment factor of cash expenditures. “I have always tried to provide a great product at a fair price,” said Lars. “That´s it, that´s the formula. I hear about people paying other cleaners $100 and it looks worse than before. A few will charge $300 and still do a crap job. We will take your $ 200 and want you to have the best carpet cleaning ever.” The former raft guide has learned a few tricks since he opened up shop. “Here is the real food for thought: If guys paid attention to how much women liked clean carpets our phone would not stop ringing! That said, do not use this idea as a valentines gift. This is only knowledge to be acted on in addition to the flowers, jewelry and gourmet meal.”

Steamaster is certainly the biggest operation in town. From emergency response to mold removal, carpet cleaning is just part of the pie. The company has a veritable fleet of vans, and is branching into other areas of home maintenance.

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