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Best Cocktail List

Preston UtleyCocktails at Kelly Liken are all handmade artisan creations.

Kelly Liken



It’s no wonder restaurant Kelly Liken is known for cocktails. The Vail restaurant takes its name from the chef-owner. “I describe our cocktail list the same way I describe our food: local, seasonal and super organic,” Liken said. “I come up with those recipes the same way I do in the kitchen. I look at what’s exciting me seasonally, what different flavor profiles can I marry.” And cocktails aren’t limited to alcoholic drinks. Pregnant women, children and those who simply choose to abstain can still begin their meal with an apertif to stimulate the appetite and get them ready for the cuisine to come. But if you do indulge, try Liken’s personal wintertime favorite, the blood orange negroni.

At Ray’s in Edwards, martinis are the name of the game. With seven on the menu, they run the gamut from an apple-tini to an espresso-tini. Happy hour draws a crowd, so the restaurant-bar has plenty of good energy. Martinis are also popular at Russell’s on Bridge Street. The Colorado 14, a Colorado vodka, is served straight up. “But really you can base all of our bar success on the bartenders,” said Michael Scola. “Anybody can make a drink, but it’s the vibe and our energy and our location.”

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