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Best Crabcakes

As you eat crabcakes at the Gashouse, they’re so fresh that you swear you can hear the waves break over the rocks along the coast, as the sail boat’s tide rigging sings.

“It’s all Freddy,” says Woody The Bartender of the Gashouse. “He’s our kitchen manager and chef. He does a great job, he works really, really hard. And he deserves the credit. We’d really just like to give him a lot of credit.

“And really, the secret is we use a ton of crab, really a lot of crab. Sure we use spices and seasoning, too, but we don’t put in a lot of filler to make it go further, and I think that’s why we sell the crab out of it!”

Rest of the Best:

Cranberry Isle: “It’s the best of our Maine crab meat and Baltimore crabcake recipe. Our great crab comes from Cranberry Isles in Maine. The recipe is Baltimore style, so it’s pretty much all crab,” says Cranberry Isle’s Cynthia Lief.



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