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Best Darn Hamburger

Preston Utley/Vail Daily Larkspur Executive Chef Thomas Salamunovich puts an endless amount of love into his hamburger. From the old-fashioned griddle-toasted bun to the organically grown


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“There’s such an incredible amount of love that goes into this hamburger,” said Chef Thomas Salamunovich.

He first adds compound butter shaved paper thin into the middle of a half a pound of certified Angus beef. He shapes the meat concave so that the burger cooks into a perfectly flat shape.

Once cooked, Salamunovich slathers it with house-made mayo, a critical partner to beef, he says, as the juice of the burger mixes in to the mayo so that no flavor is lost. Next comes the organically grown tomatoes, salted and peppered to create a fondue-type effect, breaking it up into the lettuce.

The thinly sliced onions, soaked to remove bitterness join the parade. All are placed on a bun toasted in an old-fashioned griddle, this causes it to toast perfectly so the inside is crispy, the bun doesn’t get soggy and there’s a little crunch in each bite.

The gourmet hamburger is served with a crisp, juicy pickle and homemade french fries served in a stainless cup with parchment paper standing up.

“Our goal is that you have meat in every single bite,” Salamunovich said.

Larkspur offers the burger and a beer all the time for $10. For a low-carb option, order the burger wrapped in lettuce accompanies by soy beans.

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