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Best Day Trip

Vail is only about 20 miles from Aspen as the crow flies, except that we don’t allow crows up here. Too many in one place is bad for tourism, and besides, they clash with our Bavarian theme. We prefer eagles. However, you can’t get from Vail to Aspen as the eagle flies, either. You need to take Independence Pass, which, luckily for you, is one of the coolest stretches of paved road in this spiral arm of the Universe. It’s one of those roads that locals love to take tourists over, especially tourists from topographically-impaired places, which is most places that aren’t here. It’s not open in the winter, unless you want to take a snowmobile. Horses have better sense than to go up there in January, so a sleigh is out of the question. Still, it’s worth the wait.

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