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Best Deal in Town

NWS Thrifty Donation KH 2-27-07

Thrifty Shoppe

$2.99 Night @ Minturn Country Club

ZaccaZa! Hot Dog

With two locations in Eagle and Edwards, the Thrifty Shoppe has grown past anybody’s expectations. “With the new building, it’s growing faster and faster,” said Dennel Rivera, sales associate of 3 years. “Our customer count is way up, sales are way up ” people know we’re here.” The Thrifty Shoppe serves multiple purposes. It’s a drop-off center for unwanted goods, a resale shop for people looking for a bargain (most items are priced at 10 percent of retail value) and an income source for local charities. The customer base is wide. Recently, an interpreter for the court went to work and discovered she’d left the house wearing two different shoes. “She was supposed to be in court that day, so she ran over here to the Thrifty Shoppe and bought a new pair.” A matching pair, to boot.

After a long season of travelers and tourists, the folks at Minturn Country Club like to throw a big party for locals. Serving the same high-quality steaks as usual, the grill-your-own joint slashes steak, fish and chicken prices to $2.99 a pop. It’s their way of giving back to the community, and the community’s way of whooping it up on what’s become old home night. At ZaccaZa!, they don’t need a special occasion to serve cheap affordable hot dogs. Served on poppyseed buns with all the traditional crazy fixings ” neon green relish, mustard, hot peppers, onions ” the beef frank is strangely satisfying. That’s probably because Chicagoans know good food.

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