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Denim: it’s not just for farmers anymore. Though it used to be worn year round, that changed about a year ago. “Denim’s strong in August through April or May,” said Patti Weinstein. “But then people want lighter-weight pants. It’s still important, but more as a capri or a short.” She should know. She sees women, teens and girls year-round in her Beaver Creek and Vail stores, Roxy. The selective shops carry hip clothing and accessories. “This summer we’re seeing a new trend with washed-out, lightweight, cute casual denim. It’s really washed down, almost bleached. We’re already seeing it on celebrities.” Of course, she’ll be carrying said items in her stores in the coming months.

PE 101 in Edwards is a trendy shop with everything from frilly fancies to kick-back jeans. Top sellers in the denim department include Rock and Republic, True Religion, Joe’s, AG and David Kahn. They’re looking forward to the summer lines, which will be really light. Just down the way at Blitz, also located in the Village, there’s a wide selection of denim from below $100 to upwards of $200. Popular brands like Diesel, 1921, Miss Me, Blue Tattoo and Plastic come in both dark and light colors.

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