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Vail Mountain Coffee & TeaLoaded Joe’sStarbucksVail Mountain Coffee & Tea might be the most local roasters, but they still get their beans from around the world. But instead of stepping back and letting middlemen decide what they’ll buy, they’ve taken to the fields, literally. Owners Chris Chantler and Craig Arseneau have gone beyond “fair trade” standards. “We call it direct trade,” explained Chantler. “We get our coffee directly from the farms in as many situations as possible. It’s an extra step in building relationships with the farmers. We’re able to guarantee them a better price for their coffee, while guaranteeing ourselves a source into the future.” What that means is they’re often winging off to Guatemala or Costa Rica looking for beans. They roast them at their shop in Minturn, where the elevation insures more essential oils in the final product. Find their coffee in 200 restaurants and markets from East Vail to Glenwood. Calling Loaded Joe’s a coffee shop is like calling Vail a ski mountain sure, that’s what fuels the whole experience, but the culture includes a lot more. Fancy coffee, snacks, adult beverages, a kick-back vibe and the occasional bout of live music all contribute to java joint’s success. But the backbone is the coffee, which is served by highly educated barristas at exact temperatures. The lattes are divine. Starbucks wasn’t the first coffee shop in Eagle County, but it certainly has the most locations. They’ve streamlined the process, so no matter how long the line, your coffee (iced, extra hot, half decaf, nonfat etc…) isn’t too far away.

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