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Remember the glamour days? People dressed up for travel, they drank exotic liquors and they looked too good to be true when they skied or sunned or lived. Those glamour days are depicted in vintage posters, and Christopher and Co. of Edwards and Beaver Creek seems to have a monopoly on those days gone by. Steve Woodruff was a collector from the love of it. When he “retired” to the valley, he placed a small ad in the Vail Daily to see if anyone else loved it the way he did. Apparently they did. His philosophy about what to acquire is simple. “I buy posters that make me smile,” he said. “Poster art in general is a history of consumerism, because posters were created much like our modern billboard: to sell something. They were also used for political propaganda. I collect very little of that because very little of them make me smile.” His collection is 2,000 works strong.

Philinda Gallery might just have more inventory per square inch than any other gallery in the county. Filled with sculptures, paintings, handmade goods and more, the gallery is the only U.S. representative of the UNIKA artists of Italy. The group of Italian woodworkers produces detailed sculptures on a large scale. Asian Village Antiques in Riverwalk is part gallery, part shop. Ancient wood carvings and functional furniture share space with modern clothing, books and pottery. The historical works are certainly worth noting, and make for a vivid history lesson.

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