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Best Gallery in Vail

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Masters Gallery

Cogswell Gallery

Vail International Gallery

Rayla Kundolf is the closest thing Meadow Drive has to a Queen Bee. The gallery director at Masters Gallery manages to be both excitable and dreamy when the subject turns to art, artists and the gallery she’s helped shape over the years.

“Parents bring their children into our gallery year after year to help educate them,” she said. “It is amazing what their perceptions are, even at a young age. Art helps people appreciate the finer things in life and really look deep into a painting or sculpture to pull out a meaning that is personal to them.”

Kundolf is a matchmaker at heart. She looks to pair people with that one piece they can’t ” and shouldn’t ” live without. “Art is one form of expression from the artist to the audience,” she said. “It has been around for many centuries, and to have world-class artists represented in our gallery enables us to be part of that continuing tradition and history.”

John and Patty Cogswell took one look at Native American art and jewelry and promptly fell goofy in love.

They opened their first store 35 years ago, and as their interests evolved so has Cogswell Gallery. They carry a selection of Western bronze artists, impressionist painters, jewelery, Native American antiquities and some rather stunning Edward Curtis photogravures.

Vail International Gallery used to be the most intimate gallery in the Village, until owners Marc LeVarn and Patrick Cassidy expanded their space to include an area just out the back door. The duo have brought something necessary and fundamental to Vail’s art scene. From Carlo Trost’s dynamic wood creations to Robert Vanderyecken’s sensuous, moody paintings, the gallery’s effect is like swimming in a cove: lulling and beautiful until a rogue wave sends you scrambling with surprise.

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