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Best Highlights

Sometimes you need a little something to make you feel better. Not something liquid or chemical; that’s not something you do. And besides, your hair just doesn’t suit you any more. You need to stop short of the Yule Brenner or Sinead O’Connor look. You like having hair. You’d just like it to be a little more lively. Go to Looking Good, where they’ll have you living up to their name in no time.

“I’ve had the shop for 11 years. And we’ve had a lot of support from locals from day one. I really wanted to be a shop for locals, because I was one myself, and whenever I went to get my hair cut I was never really blown away. So I wanted to open a shop to do that for locals. And we owe a lot to the people who work here, because many have been here a long time. We have very little turnover, and that helps makes our customer service really excellent. I think people grow to love our girls here. There really people- and family-oriented, they love to get to know their customers needs, which I think is something our customers really like,” says Looking Good’s Sue Harding Bryant.

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