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Go climb a mountain ” but stop in at Bag and Pack first. The Avon and Vail Village stores are filled with all the goodies you need for mountaineering: backpacks, telemark gear, climbing gear, ice climbing gear, footwear and warm-and-whicking snugglies. They’ve been known to carry items (like Icebreaker base layers) YEARS before they become popular. “We are on the inside track,” assured mountaineer and employee Rob Boone, who’s been working there since 2004 and loving every minute of it. “We do our very best to carry things that are going to be functional and not break. We try to stick with companies that have lifetime guarantees. You shouldn’t buy a backpack because you like the way it looks. We’re in the business of selling people what they need and what’s going to work for them.”

Walk into Ptarmigan Sports and you’ll get a little giddy. There’s fashion, there’s function and there’s everything in between. The staff at the Riverwalk shop doesn’t just sell gear and clothes ” they use it, too. So they know what works. The North Face shops in Beaver Creek, Vail Village and Lionshead carry almost exclusively North Face gear. The brand is famous amongst mountaineers, since it’s known for its quality and longevity. It’s also a diverse line, including footwear, base layers, outerwear and fashionable clothes.

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