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Best Hot Dog

Jessa BuchalterSwiss Hot Dogs are topped with curry, sprouts and spicy mustard. Yummy in any country.

Swiss Hot Dog

Popcorn Wagon


For a place that sells two items ” hot dogs and soup ” Swiss Hot Dog in Avon’s Traer Creek sure is busy. Taste either of those and you’ll find out why. The hot dogs are long and skinny. Made with a blend of veal and pork (veal alone is too dry, says owner Ernst Larese), they’re cooked twice before they’re served on a freshly toasted baguette lathered with spicy mustard, a special curry blend and sunflower sprouts. The Regular comes with two links, and the triple with three. Though there are plenty of drinks in the reach-in case, the best accompaniment is the chicken noodle soup, loaded with fresh veggies and topped with herbs and lime. So hot it’ll burn your tongue, but you won’t even mind.

The Popcorn Wagon – an offshoot of Joe’s Deli in Vail ” sells hot dogs right in the middle of the walkway. That might be what makes the beef dogs good, or it might be the load of tomatoes, onions, relish, mustard and ketchup on top. Either way, they’re fast and tasty. For those who want to hunker down and watch a story unfold, the beef dogs at the movie theaters are popular bets. Though Riverwalk Theater staff members were unable to project which type of moviegoer ate the most hot dogs (action adventure? romantic comedy? animated?) they did figure out what time slot was most hot dog-friendly: Sunday matinees.

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