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Best Houseplants and Annuals

MHP Bonsai 3 SM 2-6-08

Wildflower Farm

Johnie’s Garden Center

Minturn Market

At Wildflower Farm in Edwards, bonsais are the newest kids on the block. The miniature trees come in a variety of sizes and types. But bestsellers include blooming orchids, as well as the unique cactus and succulent selection. “We carry everything from seedlings in a cool glass terrarium to a large 7-foot-tall plant to put in a corner,” said Carley Schreiber, one of the two sisters who help run the garden center as part of the family business. What does she tend to bring home? “My house is filled with suculents and houseplants, mostly because they thrive on neglect.

Johnie’s Garden Center is more than just a flower spot. “We’re a full-service landscaping company,” said garden center manager Tom Glass. “If you come to us and want to purchase a flower or a tree or a shrub, we’ll deliver it, plant it, install irrigation, care for it and mow around it. And then in the winter we’ll make sure you can get in your driveway.” At Johnie’s they acclimate most every plant they sell, so they have a fighting chance. The Minturn Market is a colorful experience. Whether it’s cut flowers or fresh herbs, everything conspires to remind you of the bounty of summer. Hanging baskets, houseplants and garden-ready blooms are sold at the seasonal market.

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