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Best Iced Tea

Jessa BuchalterMoe's serves sweet tea by the gallon.

Moe’s Original BBQ


Wolcott Yacht Club

Some yahoos run around their whole lives thinking all iced tea is created equal. But they’re sure not Southerners, nor are they Kip Tingle, sweet tea’s biggest fan. At Moe’s Original BBQ, the boys from ‘Bama brew up endless pots of sweet tea, a Southern staple and rather addictive. “It’s brewed fresh throughout the day, ” explained Joshua Alston, member of the barbecue pit crew. “And that’s the thing about Moe’s. We come in and cook everything fresh, every day.”

ZaccaZa! certainly has great tea, brewed fresh as it is. But the secret to its success? Lemonade, of course. The Arnold Palmer (half tea, half lemonade) is a keeper at the Avon restaurant, which serves freshly squeezed lemonade all year long. At the Wolcott Yacht Club, there’s no better atmosphere than that on the patio. The river rumbles across the street, trees shade the area and a long pull of ice tea hits the spot… before you move into their famous adult beverages, that is.

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