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Best Indoor Adventure

Avon Rec Slide 10-12 PU

Avon Rec Center

Gypsum Rec Center

Back Bowl

It’s a slippery slope, trying to navigate Avon Rec Center’s 144-foot water slide. It’s best to just lean back and let gravity take its course, eventually depositing you in the pool. The entire aquatics area at the large indoor facility is especially popular with families, both visiting and local. “We also have a lazy river, an aqua climb, new sprayers and bubblers,” said Danita Churichillo, fitness supervisor. For those looking for something more cardio-centric, try the new AMT, or adaptive Motions Technology. “It’s a really cool piece of equipment. It’s sort of part stair-climber, part eliptical machine.”

At the Gypsum Rec Center, the staff wants you to come and relax, not work out and go. Sure they’ve got all the typical trappings with a pool, equipment, gymnastics equipment (including a foam pit) and an indoor track. But they also have an arcade with interactive games like snowboarding, kickboxing,and bicycling. It’s more community center than gym, and more fun than most. At Eagle’s Back Bowl, they don’t make you bring your own shoes ” but they won’t make fun of you if you do. Part bowling alley and part sports bar, it’s a one-stop shop for families looking to play together (or apart). Fully automated lanes include gutter protectors for the little ones, and nobody has to add.

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