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Beth Slifer, owner of Slifer Designs, has been in a unique position to watch the valley grow. Her husband, Rod, is synonymous with real estate, and the sheer number of transactions seems to increase every year. “We’ve had a lot of wonderful projects,” she said. “We’ve had a lot of new customers buying new properties in resorts all over the west but particularly in the Vail Valley. It has been really fun” there have been people who want everything from scratch, from the dining room table to the napkins and the wine glasses. We love those turn-key jobs.” Their reputation is first rate, and they have many continuing clients.

“My designers and I at Alpine Ambiance continuously strive to ‘capture the spirit of the Rocky Mountains,'” exclaimed owner-designer Jan Rosenthal Townsend. “We do so with an eclectic array of custom furniture and decorative accessories which are selected and personalized for each and every customer. We are delighted to receive this award and thank all of our friends and customers for the honor.”

The Shaggy Ram does not technically have interior design services. The Edwards shop does have an immense inventory of 18th and 19th century European country furniture. The staff will offer advice, but they’re in the antique business, not design.

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