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Best Local Celebrity

Like all happily married people, there is no Ryan without Trista, and no Trista without Ryan. It’s metaphysically impossible to vote for one without the other, even though some of you tried. So there.

And the two shall become one, even if they have to go on national television to get it done. After their whirlwind romance on ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” including a series of wedding planning television specials in which Ryan was heard to utter actual opinions about stuff like China patterns, he finally came to understand his role: He, like all grooms, is a human wardrobe accessory. His job is simple: (1) Show up on time, (2) Clean and Dressed in the attire she chose for him, (3) Answer in the affirmative when asked a question by the officiates.

He did all that; Trista chose well when choosing him. They’re pretty much perfect for each other.

They’re living here and living happily ever after.

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