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Best Nachos

Red Lion


Fiesta’s Cafe and Cantina

“The nachos are way bigger than all of us,” said Phil Long, owner of The Red Lion. The Bridge Street bar and restaurant has been serving the mile-high nachos since before Long bought the place, and there was no way he was going to mess with the mojo. “You watch them walk through the restaurant and it’s a spectacle, like watching the Golden Calf. They’re a perfect mix of everything you can imagine should be or could be on a plate of nachos.”

Of course The Saloon in Minturn has enormous nachos — the old-timey joint is all about keeping things warm and toasty inside to beat off the winter chill. Because you have to have a little bit of sass to eat there comfortably they come loaded with peppers, guacamole and spicy chorizo. At Fiesta’s in Edwards, the cooks fry the chips daily. Go big, and get the house special, which includes fresh veggies, choice of meat and homemade guacamole. A party in your mouth.

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